Project Description


Meet Graceann, C. Milton Wright High School, Class of 2019!  These photo were taken at Jerusalem Mill.  Unfortunately, we got unlucky with a thunderstorm that quickly rolled in on our first photo session, so we cut it short!  On our second photo session the sun popped out literally right before we were finished.   We had some beautiful pockets of sunset lighting literally for only 15 minutes and we took full advantage of it!  Graceann is so beautiful (she’s a stunner!) fun and adventurous.  What I mean about adventurous is that when I suggested her sitting in the stream, she did not hesitate and sat right on down.  That photo actually is probably one of my favorites of all time!  We also got some good laughs from me plopping down in the stream butt first as well (not planned and a first for me).  I was fine and most importantly, the camera was fine too!   No more bragging about never falling during a session.  I’m so excited to share my faves (there are quite a few) with you……….