Project Description


Meet Bailey, International Baccalaureate magnet program at Edgewood High School, Class of 2018!  You can see more photos of Bailey found in my senior portrait collection under Bailey and Blossoms from this past spring.

What an adventure we had taking these photos downtown Baltimore one evening.  Bailey knew exactly what she wanted for her senior portraits.  She researched and found certain spots downtown she wanted to go.  There was one mural in particular she wanted to be photographed with that she had found with her boyfriend one day, but she couldn’t quite remember where it was located.   Her father and I searched online at the different murals of Baltimore City before we left for our adventure and could not find it as well.  We mapped out our route and off we went!  While we were approaching our first stop, I looked out the window to my left and there it was!  We were so excited!  That mural is the colorful mural you will see in most of these photos.

Lots of giggles, a blue wall, walls of ivy and an awesome dinner afterward with her and her parents.  Love this family!!

Here are my faves……